Our local Catriona Rowntree's top tips for Geelong and the Surf Coast - and the You Yangs Region on 2 June 2020.


My favourite place in this area is the You Yangs Regional Park, once again the community has had to rally to protect the surrounding land, but to see so many people enjoy the hikes, the local history, the bike and horse riding has made all that effort worthwhile. Pack a picnic for Big Rock and don’t forget to take your rubbish with you.


A little wander down Forest Road, you’ll find Serendip Sanctuary. A brilliant place to take children and overseas visitors to see hundreds of bird species, Emus walk straight by you, sweet wallabies nod g’day, there are wetlands and walking tracks. It’s loved by all and I promise will deliver a sense of calm and wonder. My goodness I landed in an amazing spot!

Tourism Australia's team filmed this new  promotional video for Victoria to be shown overseas in the UK ..... in the You Yangs Region. 8 March 2018. 

Below the video on the same page under Nature and Wildlife you will also see the "Top 5 Places to see Koalas in the Wild" with Janine putting You Yangs as No. 1.    There are also videos of the other '24 million mates' current promotion for overseas.

Avalon airport to go international with Air Asia flights to Kuala Lumpur - ABC News 4 February 2018

Wonderful news for Avalon Airport and the team - as well as fantastic news for our great You Yangs Region.  Our OWN LOCAL international airport with many more travellers visiting our region. 

"After years of announcements and promises, Avalon Airport, near Geelong, is finally set to become an international airport as Air Asia announces regular services to Kuala Lumpur, with flights expected to start by the end of the year".  ........   

Canoe Art by Benjamin Gilbert installed at You Yangs Big Rock - featured in the Geelong Advertiser on 29 April 2017.

Thank you for the photo Phil Hines.
A permanent public art sculpture now sitting atop one of Geelong’s highest points in the Culturally very signicant You Yangs.  
Three years after a canoe was carried from the You Yangs to Barwon Heads as part of the inaugural 24-hour M~M arts walk, remnants of the canoe returned  to Big Rock.

“It’s a real delight to do works that are meaningful and part of a much bigger project,” Benjamin Gilbert said.

Wadawurrung executive officer Byron Powell conducted a ‘cleansing ceremony’ at the site before the official launch.  He described the initiative as a “a tangible coming together of the old and the new”.

Beautiful new bollards at the Kevin Hoffman Walk in Lara  - 28 January 2017


See Friends of Kevin Hoffman Walk Facebook page for more pics and information on these wonderful Wathaurong Glass designed, inlaid glassed, bollards. It is planned to have a QR code close to these bollards that can be scanned with smart phones to learn about these iconic motifs.

A great community project.  Official launch of these structures will be in April 2017.

Gold Coast Bulletin 13 September 2016 "Catriona Rowntree reveals her top 10 must-see destinations"

"SHE may be one of Australia’s most well travelled women, but Catriona Rowntree says her bucket list is just as long as the next person."   Her list includes Bhutan, Russia, Cook Islands, Botswana, Hamilton Island  ..... and You Yangs Regional Park - of course.

Geelong Advertiser 12 August 2016  "Lara's Tourism Potential potential discussed at City of Greater Geelong forum"

"A northern suburb of Geelong could be the city’s newest tourism hotspot, with nature-based activities to attract visitors to the region.

Tapping into Lara’s tourism potential was high on residents’ wishlist at a public forum this week when City of Greater Geelong administrators took their roadshow to the suburb on Wednesday night — the second of five planned public forums in the city before the end of the year.

Administrators’ chair, Kathy Alexander, said nature-based tourism featured prominently on the agenda. 

City of Greater Geelong website 10 August 2016  "Local tourism strategy on the agenda"

"Lara residents have highlighted the need for greater community involvement in long-term tourism planning for their region during a community meeting with the City's administrators tonight......  "

The Chair of the Administrators said "

In Lara's case, there's great interest in a future master plan to develop, protect and harvest the area's wonderful tourism potential, and how the local community can be involved in such planning.   It’s clear how proud these residents are to live in and be part of greater Geelong, and how passionate they are about the future of our community.

This is an unbelievably strong community, where leaders arise, get engaged, and are keen to work together with the City to help build a more prosperous future".

Tourism Australia website - "Top 5 places to see Koalas in the wild"

"In celebration of Wild Koala Day – a day to celebrate wild koalas and to protect their habitats – here are the top five places in Australia where you can see this unique Australian marsupial in its natural habitat. 

Although you can go and see a koala in select zoos around the world, Koalas are only found in the wild in Australia. Their food is very specific - they feed almost exclusively on the leaves of eucalyptus trees, which means not only is the Australian bushland their home, the trees they live in and feed off are very important. 

If you're planning a trip to Australia, mark one of these Koala sighting spots on your itinerary as a must-do wildlife experience. From Victoria to South Australia, here are some of the amazing places where you can visit a koala at home."  

And where do you think is Number 1 on this list  - the You Yangs!



Geelong Indy 1 July 2016 - "Koalas Tourist Lure" Lara plan modelled on penguin parade. on Page 1 and page 5










Sydney Morning Herald 5 February 2016  "Moorabool Valley, home of our oldest vineyards, gold fields, great food and fab swimming"

Wine, Great Pub, Ghost Town, swimming hole and Dog Rocks - great to visit.

If you see any media mention of tourism in our region please send us a link to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  thank you