Its true - tourism is one of the largest employers in Australia and already employs nearly 10% of us.     

Koala Clancy in the You Yangs

Tourism employs nearly three times more people than mining, yet it asks little in return. Tourism employs 330,000 more Australians than the real estate industry, and 220,000 more than agriculture, foresty & fishing combined.

Without koalas, tourism will decline.

As explained by Janine Duffy of Echidna Walkabout and Koala Clancy Foundation, at our 29 June 2016 public meeting "Both international and local tourists want to see koalas.  

International tourists are so keen to see koalas, that 11% of them WOULD NOT COME TO AUSTRALIA AT ALL if there were no koalas".

"Tourism is worth $107 billion to Australia, and growing at 10% per year.  An 11% loss of international tourists equals $3 billion in lost revenue, and up to 60,000 Australian jobs lost.



If that's your job lost, that makes a difference. That coal mine they are planning to build on koala habitat killing 200 koalas - That's 20 jobs lost. The mine might employ a handful of those people, but mining is not as good at employing as tourism is. 

Plus mining jobs cost the taxpayer $20,000 per job.
Tourism jobs only cost the taxpayer $330 each.

We can have our koalas AND our jobs AND a healthy economy AND growth. But only if we push our government to make the right decisions!"


The You Yangs Regional Park area, the Brisbane Ranges National Park and the private land in the region has koalas and if Koalas, and their habitat, are protected and helped they have a much better chance of survival -  and they can continue to be a valuable and growing tourism resource for the region.