The granite peaks of the You Yangs dominate the skyline of Geelong and the region.

Visitors, professional and amateur photographers enjoy capturing the images of the You Yangs from the surrounding region as well as enjoying the wonderful views from the You Yangs peaks.

For generations, families have enjoyed nature walks and views from the summit.  More recently, work undertaken to create tracks has made it a hit with mountain bikers.

This region includes the growing townships of Lara, Little River and Anakie and the communities of Staughton Vale and Balliang.  

The diverse landscapes and historical features make this an attractive region for filming locations

The Brisbane Ranges National Park is one of state's richest wildflower habitats.  Set in a low range of mountains dissected by rocky gullies, the unusual geology of the Rowsely Fault, the Brisbane Ranges National Park has preserved plants that have long since vanished from other parts of the region.   

The whole area is very popular for a wide range of tourism and recreational activities - bushwalking, mountain bike riding, horse riding, rock climbing, orienteering, photography, touring and so much more.

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