We are looking forward to hearing YOUR opinion and suggestions on how to further develop and promote our wonderful region for recreation and tourism.  

If you have your own business which is tourism/recreation related please send us the details so we can add YOU to this website.  

If you know of a local business in Lara, Little River, Anakie, Staughton Vale, Brisbane Ranges, Balliang and area - please let us know.

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We are also looking to use some of the wonderful photos of the You Yangs and the whole region - so can you please email YOUR own, low res photo, with your name so we can credit you. [Please do not include photos of people unless you have specific permission to do so].

We had many excellent photos submitted for our recent Facebook photo competition which we would love to include IF we obtain permission to do so.



"The local Aboriginal history and cultural heritage should be promoted to inform and engage local residents and tourists in the region.  One Fire members live in Little River, Lara, Staughton Vale, Geelong through to Drysdale and Barwon Heads.    We have a commitment to supporting reconciliation activities across the whole Geelong region. The www.djillong.net.au website is a key learning tool with videos and an extensive timeline.

We would be pleased to support developments, which might include -

  • Walks on Country with local Aboriginal people, from the Geelong / Djillong region
  • The Storyteller board game playing sessions with creator: Glen Shea
  • Storytelling with local authors and artists:  Mel King, Norm Stanley, Kerrie Black
  • Local Musicians: The Deadly Duo  plus others
  • Wurdi Youang Indigenous Protected Area linked to Mount Rothwell
  • Koala Clancy Research project".



l am a great reader of information about an area l visit. Lake Wanaka in NZ had about 100 bronze plaques in the footpath along their main road and l read every single one of them. It was a timeline and local businesses and groups sponsored each plaque. It would be great to have something like this, that people could get a tourist map from local businesses, B&B's, Serendip, You Yangs Office etc and follow a trail.


Better transport between Lara and Avalon so we can get and keep people in our region.


"How about a reconciliation and recognition arch at the entrance to the You Yangs, with information boards,  proclaiming its priceless heritage and importance , asking people to respect the boundaries,  managing and both celebrating it as a living, working, vibrant, tourist site of significance.

This would be a large project ans would  be a fantastic joint project for Lara Rotary and Lions combined, echoing the honouring, reconciliation and working together with the Wathaurong  theme.  Done right, the arch itself would be a tourist attraction by itself.  Decorated by Aboriginal artists with colourful depictions symbolising local legend and Bungil the Eagle"   - Thank you Rob


Lots of interesting suggestions from Lisa from The Actors Gym in Lara  

"I would like to help form an arts and culture committee in the region with the aim of brightening up the area with visual and performing arts.

There are many new residents in the area and art projects are a great way to help create identity and culture in a region and can be a drawcard for tourism. I'd like to ask the question... who are we? The young, the old, the new and the original families of the area, the indigenous and the immigrated.

Lara has changed a lot and it feels buzzing with possibilities. I for one am so grateful to have found a region I can raise my kids in and grow my business. And I love the arts so I'd love to be of service in this way,

The local town revitalisation is beautiful but I feel like now its time for the community to put their own artistic stamp on the town.

I'd like to propose ideas for consideration such as:

  • Regular theatre performed by a newly formed Lara theatre troupe at places such as The You Yangs and at various other venues.
  • Childrens theatre shows
  • Murals around town such as on the Community Centre Youth Room wall facing the basketball court.
  • Aboriginal sculptures, paintings and stories scattered throughout the town that tourists and locals can stop and read to encourage them to visit the You Yangs and local hidden gems.
  • More local kids and performers busking in the town centre.
  • Outdoor cinema at Flinders Park in summer
  • A small local cinema with limited screenings.
 Other suggestions:
  • A Beer garden cafe (Family friendly) with acoustic music and comedy nights. Similar to the back of the local RSL.
  • A cafe at the You Yangs for the adventurous people who regularly come.
  • Retreat centre near the You Yangs with various retreats running year round.


  • First suggestion we received   - how about a caravan park?   [and there were plenty of mentions of the need for more accommodation of all types, at our 29 June meeting]